Do you feel dry? Do you have burning with urination when there is no evidence of a urinary tract infection? Do you feel dry during sex? Have you recently had a baby? Are you going through or have you gone through menopause? If so, please do consider some lubrication for your labia; try vital vulva, a wonderfully soothing salve made from wild yams. Also consider a vaginal moisturizer, like Hyalo Gyn, made from hyaluronic acid 2-3 times a week. And do use a lubricant for intercourse; a lot inside of you and also on your partner. Try Slippery Stuff. Visit the resources page of to learn more. And let’s lube it up!

Does it hurt to have something inside of your vagina? It is hard to put something inside a vagina that isn’t quite ready. Foreplay, masturbation, kissing, gentle touching…..all promote blood flow to the vagina. Think about a cold day; you start your car ahead of time and let it warm up; it is exactly the same thing of the muscles inside of the vagina.
Whether or not you reach orgasm, promoting blood flow to your vagina is healthy for the muscles of your vagina (ie your pelvic floor). And it most likely feel good:) Another bonus!

Pelvic pain and the pelvic floor are difficult to talk about. Pelvic Health Support is here to help women, men and transgender people learn about the pelvis both externally and internally, to alleviate pelvic pain. If we have shoulder pain, we go to our healthcare provider and have a thorough exam; we are given a stretching routine; some patient education; perhaps a referral for physical therapy and/or massage therapy. Why isn’t this happening when we go to our healthcare provider and tell them we have pelvic pain? The mission of Pelvic Health Support is to raise awareness of the pelvic floor!