Pregnancy and Postpartum


Attention to the pelvis is crucial from the moment that you find out that you are pregnant. Your pelvic landscape will be changing rapidly. Your baby will move into the space that your pelvis provides. Together, we will work on creating maximum space for the baby in the pelvis by incorporating both the Spinning Babies  approach as well as gentle external and internal myofascial release.  This attention to the pelvis will help facilitate a healthy delivery.


Pelvic awareness should be an essential element of every woman’s postpartum course. Your body has been through a major change and your pelvic floor has been stretched to the maximum. Special attention must be paid to the pelvis at this time to promote healing after either vaginal or caesarean delivery. We want to learn how to have pleasurable, enjoyable sex again, how to keep the vaginal mucosa lubricated, and how to strengthen the pelvic floor in order to avoid incontinence and prolapse.

Pelvic Health Support can help to alleviate many of these issues. Bring your baby into the office with you if you like, or perhaps arrange a home visit. Kathy can also help with postural assessment during nursing.