Pelvic pain is multifactorial and poorly understood by the traditional medical community.

It is a challenging problem and we can help

How It Works


Pelvic Health Support is here to help you. Kathy Kates is an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in helping patients to alleviate pelvic pain. She employs a myofascial, biomechanical and mindful approach to increase patients’ overall knowledge of the pelvic floor and surrounding structures. .

How it Works

Full Body Evaluation

Postural assessment of the entire body with special attention to balance within the pelvis.

Personalized Plan

A customized exercise and stretching routine to address existing pelvic floor concerns.

Fascia and Myofascial Release Therapeutic Touch

Release myofascial restrictions to address postural imbalances.

Emotional Support

A dedicated practitioner with ample professional and personal experience to guide you through the process.

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